LETTER: 15-point checklist for those with diabetes

DIABETES is one of the biggest health challenges facing the North- West today. It is vital people with the condition receive enough support to manage their condition, which is why I am asking readers to get involved in Diabetes UK’s new 15 measures campaign.

Diabetes UK believes there is a minimum level of care all 330,000 people diagnosed with diabetes in the North-West deserve and should expect from their health service. As such, we have launched a 15-point checklist outlining the essential health checks and specialist services people with diabetes need to stay healthy.

We want to encourage readers, whether they have diabetes themselves or know someone who has, to use the checklist to ensure they are getting the care they need. If there are any gaps in care, people should then take the checklist to their healthcare team and raise the issue with them.

Diabetes is serious and can lead to devastating complications including blindness, amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. With the right care and education, people with diabetes can live long and healthy lives.

To get a copy of the checklist and inform Diabetes UK of any gaps in diabetes care via an online survey, visit www.diabetes.org.uk

Barbara Young

Diabetes UK Chief Executive