Let’s hope electorate are more clued up

Just when we thought it was safe to open up the letters page of the Express we are back to the same old myths being pedalled by the gullible because it is election time.

The star turn is B. Robinson and his view of the state of the economy left by the last Labour Government. Now let’s just state the facts rather than his ridiculous assertion. This Government had borrowed more in five years than the last administration did in 11 years. the national debt has doubled to one and a half trillion. So much for “big spending Labour”. As for his so called “growing economy”. Well, if he researched the figures he would see the last six months of the Labour administration the economy grew faster than it is today despite all the Tory boasts.

As for the council raising the poll tax, it is obvious to the educated that since Burnley’s grant (unlike those in Tory constituencies) has been cut by 20% over those five years giving the council little alternative other than massive job cuts which would not only decimate services but ultimately cost this clueless Government more by way of redundancy pay and other benefits that would follow.

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So it should only be hoped the electorate are more clued up than B. Robinson and, unlike the writer, have checked rather than sheepishly believed the twisted Tory figures, it’s easily done on the internet. Otherwise in five years’ time the naive will still no doubt be blaming Gordon Brown in 2020 as Dodgy Dave and Goony George bankrupt the country.

David Entwistle