Labour scored an own goal over PFI scandal

In a recent Burnley Express, Mr K. Royle, of Burnley Labour Party, accused our MP, Gordon Birtwistle, of hijacking various bandwagons.
Cash notes 20sCash notes 20s
Cash notes 20s

Well, yes, OK, that is what astute politicians do and have always done.

What they should not do is score “own goals” which Mr Royle has done by reminding us about the schools, college, university and St Peter’s Health Centre (he seems to have forgotten about our new A&E unit at Blackburn).

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Yes, they were instigated by his own party, Labour, who funded them by the scandalous use of PFI.

If he wants to remind us, the taxpayer, and our grandchildren that we will have to pay for the extortion, like mortgage rates involved in these schemes to fat cat bankers and New Labour’s friends in the city for the next 50 years, then so be it.

Does he also want to remind us that perfectly good buildings and organisations were destroyed or abandoned to make way for Labour’s grand spending spree on the nation’s credit card?

Mr Royle might be a top player in Julie Cooper’s team but I can assure him that with such spectacular own goals, he would never play for one of Mr Sean Dyche’s.

S. Grace

Ex-Labour voter