It’s Bonfire Night, not Bonfire Fortnight

When I was a lad growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, bonfire night was just that – one night.

Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 8:52 pm

We might have let off a few bangers on Mischief Night (November 4th), but when did Bonfire Night become Bonfire Fortnight?

Our neighbourhood has had the evening peace disturbed every night since November 1st until now, as I am writing this on November 17th.

Surely there must be some authority that can curb the actions of the inconsiderate people who think they can disrupt the lives of other people by detonating fireworks whenever they want.

These people are obviously not pet owners, who watch their pets cowering in the corner of the room, shivering in a state of trauma. These are not kids having a bit of fun with pyrotechnics, but adults hosting fireworks displays that are often akin to an artillery barrage.

I am not a killjoy but I do wish people would think of others and their pets before re-enacting the Blitz night after night.

J. G. Farnsworth,

Woodlands Drive, Whalley