It wasn’t Laurel and Hardy who got us into this mess

Through these columns I would like to remind the borough councillors of the Ribble Valley, and in particular my own ward of Whalley, that when elected they where so by the people and to serve on behalf of the people, and not for themselves to do as they see fit, regardless of the people’s opinion who duly voted them into office.


Throughout the housing debacle it has become quite evident this has not been the case with Coun. Hill, and he has now resorted to tactics normally associated with the gutter press in his recent attack on Steve Rush, who it seems only expresses the thoughts of the vast majority of Valley residents.

People in Whalley I trust will maintain, in their minds all the current shambolic mess we see ourselves faced with when the next set of local elections come round.

Please, Steve Rush, come and stand in Whalley for whoever you wish. Be it the independent party or the chimps’ tea party, I am sure you be duly elected as I, along with numerous others who I have spoken with, have no faith in the current holders of the position.

I thought that sticking to Whalley issues and helping the village prosper was what people expected from their councillors, not launching attacks on individuals who seem more keen on helping the residents of Whalley than those elected to do so.

The damage is now done, so remember when its time to vote who got us into this fine mess. It wasn’t Laurel and Hardy.

Stephen Brown,

Sydney Avenue, Whalley