Irritated to read negative comments about my town

It is a pity that as S. Spears took time to write a letter that he or she did not take the time to get their facts right (letters’ page October 25th).

Wednesday, 13th November 2013, 8:40 pm
Coun. Julie Cooper

I most definitely live in Burnley, I am very proud to do so, and was indeed irritated to read the Economist’s negative comments about my town.

I thought that as the offending journalist clearly knew little about the reality that is Burnley in 2013 the article warranted no more than irritation. Please do not mistake this relatively mild response for any lack of commitment on my part.

I prefer to use my time and energy working to make Burnley a better place for all. I take every opportunity to promote Burnley as a great place to live and work. By putting Burnley into the spotlight the Economist article gave me and others another opportunity to tell the rest of the country about Burnley’s very many successes on the road to economic recovery.

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Some would say all publicity is good publicity – the article and our comments relating to it have encouraged other media to take an interest in Burnley.

Readers of the Sunday Times this week were treated to a lengthy, well researched and very positive article about life in Burnley.

Coun. Julie Cooper

Leader of Burnley Council