I want to spend my money locally

I write in response to your article detailing plans for a new TK MAXX store and other proposals to bring the former Boundary Mill site back in to use.

I do hope our resident MP Mr Stephenson did not suffer too many splinters from the fence he clearly placed himself on with his comments, which are rather surprising given the Conservative Party’s ethos of laissez faire.

However, perhaps of more concern are the comments of the person responsible for enterprise and growth, Coun. Paul White, who fears the proposals could prove detrimental to Colne’s town centre. This comes from a guy who supported the new Domino’s Pizza outlet because obviously Colne was in dire need of yet another takeaway.

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In addition, perhaps Coun. White could also provide me with a map of just where I could purchase gentleman’s clothes in Colne town centre because I have obviously missed it. As someone who likes to support local business, where possible, I would welcome the opportunity to spend my money locally when buying clothes. It would also be nice to see the building brought back into use, instead of just being left to create another blot on the landscape, as well as creating more jobs for local people.

Furthermore, I do not recall the same arguments being advanced when the councillors gave approval for the new Lidl store on North Valley Road or the new Boundary Mill Garden Centre and Farm Shop. If one was to be a little sceptical it would not be too difficult to draw the conclusion that such a development could impact on the sales of Boundary Mill, who just happen to be a Conservative Party donor.

Mark Porter