Hundreds of residents can’t be wrong in homes debate

Coun. Terry Hill’s article seemed to be a personal attack on Steve Rush – is he also going to personally attack the hundreds/thousands of residents who also feel similarly that his views and the planning officers in RVBC are destroying Clitheroe and the surrounding areas?

Coun. Hill failed to explain why local residents’ voices do not count on housing issues, and failed to address the

issue of the apparent loss of all common sense by the planning department.

Few, if any, of the councillors in favour of this gross overdevelopment actually live in Clitheroe, which is one possible reason, but they should be looking after the area they are appointed to, namely Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley, and are grossly failing in this regard.

Like many residents, I fail to see how many thousands of new houses in Clitheroe is a “sound” policy, or good for the Ribble Valley, and the number banded about has constantly risen to be in the regions of 4,500 to 6,000 new houses.


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To put things in perspective, current houses in Clitheroe is 6,500 houses in total. Another 1,040 houses in the Standen Estate alone has been proposed, despite clear opposition by residents, and against the councillors who actually live in Clitheroe. One exit road is proposed for this massive estate, leading on to Pendle Road, not to mention other considerations such as schools, lack of infrastructure, or damage to the area.

Yet it was still pushed through in December 2013 despite huge objection on numerous issues and without the Inspectors report (scheduled for Early 2014) being considered.

If any Clitheroe resident thinks it won’t affect them they need to think again.

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