Is this how old people should be treated?

I am writing to express my feelings about the proposed withdrawal of the free bus passes and the TV licences for the elderly.

Tuesday, 18th February 2014, 5:11 pm
Bailiffs could soon seize TV sets

If this should happen, many elderly people will be housebound and, in some cases, completely isolated as they have no family.

The free bus passes have meant they can go out when they want, even if it is only to do a bit of shopping or on fine days to venture further afield. If the bus passes are taken away they won’t be able to do this because bus fares are too expensive to places like Skipton, Preston and Keighley.

I am a senior citizen as is my friend who I go out with and I know we won’t be able to get out and about as much.

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I heard a comment a while ago that old people are living too long now. Isn’t it the old people who have contributed to this country by working as they did, some of them being only 14 when they started work? Is this how this country is going to treat them now? They paid their taxes all their working lives, it seems to me more consideration is given to people who don’t work, they get their benefits. What some younger people tend to forget is we will all, God willing, grow old some day.

All I am asking is that we be treated fairly.

D. Roberts