How can they hoodwink us over immigration?

“We invited the immigrants?” Just who is this “we” Robin Parker? I didn’t, none of my family did and no government has ever been given a mandate to do so.

Sunday, 27th July 2014, 10:00 pm
immigration officer checking a passport. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A government delegation did go to the West Indies early in the Second World War asking for volunteers to “help the mother country” in her hour of need. Several thousand came. According to my dictionary, “several” means “a few”, an indefinite small number.

I read of this number before the age of political correctness and re-writing of British history.

Compare that with the numbers of new Commonwealth immigrants who came here 10 years after the end of the Second World War (1955), 42,700, then in 1965 it was 51,353 plus 39,228 dependents.

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My point being, Mr Parker, numbers are the essence in this debate. Have you any?

The Tories are pathetic on this issue – numbers entering Britain last year alone were 200,000. And Labour’s immigration policy when last in power was the most deliberate policy of social engineering that this country has ever seen. Yet it wasn’t even mentioned in their election manifesto.

Then, just one day after reading Mr Parker’s immigration letter, I read French police admit they are powerless to stop the waves of immigrants arriving in Calais bound for Britain.

Now, why should they all want to come here with all the problems we have? It never ceases to amaze me how Conservative/Labour/Liberal politicians can hoodwink people time and time again, not just on immigration, but also on the European Union.

Bert Hardwick

Station Road, Whalley