Hospital is wasting cash over lighting

I was sorry to read that East Lancs Hospitals are increasing staff permit parking.

It always seems to be the nurses and care workers who are the easy option when the Trust needs money. Why not stop seniors from wasting it? My letter is for the East Lancs Hospital Trust and its chief ex-officer.

I live behind Burnley General and use the lane two or three times a week and have spoken to security staff two or three times about the flood lights on the staff parking area. It’s like banging one’s head against a brick wall.

On March 29th, when the clocks were put forward, the four towers with two lights on each were left switched on for 24 hours.

This makes a total to date of 138 days. Multiplying this by 24 equals 3,012 hours and then multiply this by eight lights. This amounts to a lot of money when the lamps are 250 or 400w each.


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By 8pm the car park is 99.9% empty as night staff park near their work station so why not turn two of the towers off, saving more money?

I think the person in charge can’t be bothered to go and change the time the lights are on for as it does not concern them as he/she has a free parking space.

Please stop the waste. I would love to read your answer.

B. Darwin


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