Gym openings show economy is moving

Your correspondent Mr K. Royle was taking a very jaundiced view of Britain’s economic recovery, in spite of the encouraging parliamentary autumn statement.

He may well be correct in his assertion the recovery is largely South East oriented, but he is wrong to say there is no sign of it “round here”. Does he not read this paper? In the very same issue, there is a photo of the flag presented to the town in recognition of the enterprise shown in recent months. Even Julie (savage cuts) Cooper is making upbeat comments. Over the past months, almost every Express has carried reports of new businesses or extensions in the area.

To me, a sign of unalloyed optimism is the burgeoning of gymnasia – the Crow Wood complex is still developing and the St Peter’s Centre is reported to be a resounding success. A new fitness centre has opened off Burnham Gate and, not 500 yards away, the old VW showroom is in the process of conversion into a similar enterprise. Someone is planning to convert the old Woolworth’s property into yet another “fitness factory”. Businesses of this nature are surely evidence of confidence that there is, or will be, money to spare?

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Does anyone drop into a fitness club after calling into the foodbank? (Unless, of course, they have paid for membership in advance before becoming unemployed). I think the entrepreneurs of Burnley are doing all they can to resuscitate the town and I, as a life-long resident, am pleased to see it.

Mr Royle’s comments about seasonal workers being laid off in the winter is a red herring. Such workers have suffered this fate since Blackpool became a holiday resort 150 years ago. Not good, I agree, but not a new phenomenon and peculiar to this area.

Finally, with Mr Royle’s knowledge of economics, he cannot possibly approve of the last Government’s fiscal policies (remember “there’s no money left”) and he disapproves of the present Government’s attempts to remedy the situation. His remark about the coming election leaves me wondering just who he will support.

K. Halstead


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