Graham would be a great MP for Pendle

Of course there will be a Liberal Democrat candidate in Pendle at the next General Election, as in every other seat in Great Britain.

Coun. Graham Roach
Coun. Graham Roach

We have already chosen Graham Roach who is not only the present Mayor of Pendle, but who has a proven record of working for local people, in his own ward of Waterside, Colne, as a whole and throughout Pendle.

A General Election is the time when political parties put forward their policies for the future. This election is also the time for Liberal Democrats to tell people about all the good things that have come from our involvement in the coalition government, something rather different from the biased stuff in our national papers, most of them owned by very rich right wing press barons like Rupert Murdoch who are not even UK citizens, or who live as tax exiles.

Derek Mann says he wants to see changes to “the present political climate and voting system” but how can that be achieved if the main party that campaigns for such changes does not put up candidates?

If he wants to see the Liberal Democrat goal of “a reformed Europe but altered from within” that will only happen if enough people vote Liberal this time. If he wants to “make the 2020 election properly democratic” that will only happen if enough people vote Liberal this time.


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Here in Pendle, Liberal Democrats are an established and strong part of the local political scene. Mr Mann says he wants to see “a return to Liberal values in all areas” of Pendle. The idea we will achieve that by opting out is eccentric or, in his own words, “twaddle”.

As Liberal Democrats we know who we want to see as MP for Pendle and that person is Graham Roach.

We believe Graham is the best candidate. He’s not a political fixer. Nor will he be an MP who spends a lot of his time pretending to be a local celebrity, turning up to have his picture taken at every local event he can grace with 10 minutes of his presence.

Graham will go to Westminster to get stuck in there, to work and fight for people here in Pendle. That’s what an MP is for.


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Afzal Anwar

(Chair, Pendle Liberal Democrats)

Tony Greaves

(Leader, Pendle Council Liberal Democrat Group)