Government policies have led to breakdown in modern society

Thanks to David Penney for airing the subject of the alternative view of the “economic miracle”.

I support everything he says and would add my misgivings about our MP’s relentless on-message reports from the House.

Also, my other worries about aspects of modern life: the relentless growth of gambling, both online and in the main street; pawn shops; high interest loans and food banks. These are all evidence of a breakdown in modern society fuelled by economic policies which completely exclude the lower 50% of the population.

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The society I was lucky enough to be reared in valued hard work and was paid a living wage.

We were thrifty, we didn’t borrow to sustain a lifestyle beyond our means and, funnily enough, even though we are told today the industries we worked in were totally out-of-date, we had job security and, in the main, happy working conditions.

When we left school, we went straight into work.

All right, they were menial jobs and the wages were low but we were learning the disciplines of punctuality, regular attendance and how to work effectively.

The better jobs came later with merit.

These are the conditions that will improve the lot of the poorest, not cheaper bingo and beer as Mr Shapps advocates.

I feel sorry for the young today.

I can never remember a time, even in the dark days after the Second World War, when the prospects were so bad.

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We are promised pie in the sky but everyone knows this regression in living standards will last for at least another 10 years and, during the course of it, we will see the reinforcement of the Two Nations, the haves and the have nots.

This raises my ultimate worry. Is what we are seeing a permanent alteration in the rules of engagement with life? Can society as we knew it survive this constant grinding down of standards?

We all know about the Law of Unintended Consequences. My fear is that, in the rush back to 19th Century laissez-faire capitalism, we shall re-create the conflict in society that did not end until the Labour Government of 1945 made the first steps towards creating a more equitable and secure society where people no longer had to live in fear of old age, disability, ill health or the workhouse.

Yes, you are right. I am angry!

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Stanley Challenger Graham

East Hill Street