Gloves come off in run-up to General Election

As we approach the May elections the gloves have really come off as Labour and the Conservatives throw endless accusations of tax evasion by their donors at one another, all of which have been denied.

Sunday, 22nd February 2015, 6:00 am
Counting ballot papers

On the face of it, the Coalition has fallen apart, with the Lib-Dems distancing themselves from the Conservatives but claiming they were responsible for its success. I presume that includes the country’s borrowings, which are more than three times higher than 2010.

However, no matter who wins on May 7th, the three parties have agreed to work together on climate change and the green renewable energy policies – policies that will put our energy supplies at risk, that have increased prices, litter our countryside and seascape with windfarms and benefit big business with subsidies.

Which goes to say that, apart from the rhetoric, there’s no difference between them, whichever one you vote for, you get the same!

Philip Griffiths,

UKIP North West President