Getting caught short on a shopping trip!

Following the recent article regarding the closure of public conveniences, I write to express my deep concern, and I am sure that of many other citizens, particularly the senior members of the community.
senior citizenssenior citizens
senior citizens

There has been a big drive in the past 12 months to encourage people to shop in the town and assist the smaller trader, making Colne town centre an interesting and worthwhile place to visit.

Whoever makes these decisions, sitting in a comfortable office in the town hall with conveniences within easy reach, obviously does not appreciate the difficulties faced by ordinary citizens, particularly those of advancing years.

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I regularly walk into town from the outskirts and need to visit a public convenience frequently.

I am sure I am not alone in this, plus I can appreciate the difficulty faced at the opposite end of the age scale when small children are involved.

There are public toilets in the market hall but if one has business in the town on Tuesday, this is not an option. Many traders who have toilets on their premises may be accommodating for the odd emergency but I am sure they will weary of a constant request to use their facilities and may even try to elicit trade in return or perhaps refuse altogether. Who could blame them?

If one goes to Asda or Boundary Mill, toilets are there for public use. While appreciating the owners of these establishments provide this service, I must point out that most senior citizens of this borough pay poll tax and have paid their dues throughout their lives. Surely a toilet facility in the bus station and another down Albert Road is not too much to ask?

John Foster


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