Garden waste charges hit those trying to make ends meets

I wonder who the big wigs are that have decided to charge us gardeners for emptying our green bins.

I think this is totally disgusting. People who are on just a state pension or work hard for a minimal wage try to compost as much as is possible and follow the recycling rules, grow as much as we can to help the food bill and keep our properties looking nice. After all this we’re left with a certain amount of garden waste that cannot be composted.

Another one of the authorities’ messes was closing the Colne Waste Disposal. Then we are told: “Slap another £25 on people’s yearly bills - that will give us lots of money”. And as a statement they tell us: “It’s only another 50p a week”.

People like myself go from one week to the next trying to make ends meet by making our money spin out, saving pence here and pence there. The authorities should have a rethink, especially when they waste such a lot on stupid things.

P.J. King