A free spirit who believes in freedom of speech

If I may reply to the letter from Mr K. Royle, of Burnley Labour Party.

Saturday, 26th October 2013, 3:40 pm
Burnley Town Hall

Firstly, let me say I have the right to express my opinion just as he does in the local press but I must say you should really get your facts right before calling people names in public, such as a turn coat.

So, Mr Royle, please let me set the record straight. I have only spoken of a councillor in this ward where I live and would do so no matter which party they were in. After all, they are there to work on our behalf and, yes, I was a Labour member but this is where you have got it wrong.

I did not make an attempt to become a group organiser. I was asked by the members at a ward meeting and I said no but was persuaded by the members to say yes, only to be turned down at a later date. Then your so-called democratic party decided I could not write in the press about the councillors where I live and that also I should not be friends with our MP Gordon Birtwistle on Facebook. I could not see why as there are two big Labour members who are his friends already on there and there are more things as well but we will not go into that now.

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At this time, I was told by the party representatives that, because of what I had done, I had to take 12 months out of the party and reflect on what I had done wrong by three people that did not even know me. Well I’m sorry but I have done nothing wrong.

So yes, Mr Royle, I chose not to come back to that dictatorship, which turned its back on me. We could go on and on now you have opened the can of worms Mr Royle, but I refuse to get into a public slanging match with you.

I am a free spirit who believes in the freedom of speech.

Brian Tomlinson