Football more important than solving crime?

I had an attempted robbery take place in my home in the early hours of the morning.

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I must have disturbed them when I was letting my dog out as he was going mad in the bushes behind the wall.

I hadn’t realised and went back to bed but he would not settle so I went down again to find all three of the gates to my property open, with ladders up against the conservatory roof and led on the main roof of the house, so the burglars could be ready to slide off.

Luckily, they didn’t get in.

On reporting this to the police I was informed the football was on and that there were no police available. I informed them someone had tried to break in and had damaged my property but again I was informed the football was on, to which I replied: “I don’t give a flying monkey if the football is on. I want someone to look at the damage and take what happened seriously”.

I was then asked if there was anything of value in the conservatory, to which I answered everything is of value to me in my home. I received another telephone call from the police to be informed that only a PCST was available. I told them I had been informed about the football match and couldn’t get over the comment.

Eventually the police did arrive with the CSI team to also find one of my neighbours had had an attempted burglary.

I am aware resources are stretched to the limit but that they can be stretched for a football game? Ridiculous.

Coun. Sue Hunt