Football fans should not be penalised by mindless minority

The Clarets Trust is very pleased Burnley FC has chosen to keep the Leeds United game as a 3pm kick-off.
Turf Moor.Turf Moor.
Turf Moor.

This clearly is in the best interests of the overwhelming majority of fans. As supporters, we buy our season tickets, in the case of Burnley, on the basis that most games will be played on a Saturday at 3pm with some Tuesday games at 7-45 pm.

It is annoying to have games moved to different days and times to suit the TV companies. Football does need the TV money although far too much goes to the Premier Clubs – widening the gap between them and the Championship ever more.

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It is also annoying to have more and more games moved because police intelligence indicates possible problems. The worst examples of this are the so-called “bubble” games such as Rovers when we not only have date and time changes, but also the compulsory bussing in which is such a bind.

It is also increasingly a deterrent stopping some fans going to the games. Some of the police actions are disproportionate in relation to the problem and at a great expense when police funding is very tight. That said the police do have a difficult problem and will get the blame if things go wrong.

The sad reality is that it is a mindless minority of fans who cause the problems and they do not deserve to be called fans. A small number have no real interest in the game at all, but sadly take pleasure in a bit of “aggro”.

Another small group, unfortunately, lose control of themselves when they have had a bit too much to drink.

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I hope that on the occasion of this match this small group will not prove the police were right and that I and the club were wrong!

The majority should not have to be penalised for a mindless minority.

Peter Pike