Facebook users are certainly not sad

So, Mr Pendle thinks Facebook users lead sad, sad lives. I must admit then to leading a sad, sad life myself, as I frequently use Facebook.

Monday, 25th November 2013, 11:36 am

I am an administrator of a community group that has raised over £3,500 for Pendleside Hospice in its first year. Sad. I am also a member of three animal welfare groups. With the help of Facebook they are able to re-home unwanted pets and re-unite people with lost pets. Sad.

Many people use Facebook to promote local businesses, local entertainment and charity events. Sad. People are reunited, through Facebook, with long lost friends and relatives. Sad. School and workplace reunions have been organised through Facebook. Sad.

Not everyone is able to afford to go out to their local “watering hole” frequently to meet up and chat with friends. Some people are housebound or lonely and Facebook is a cheap and convenient way to chat and make contact.

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So, Mr Pendle, before you accuse people of leading sad lives consider the positives of using Facebook.

Who knows, there may be people out there who think that sitting in a pub with your cronies talking about rugby is pretty sad.

Ralph Nuttall