The face veil and the law

I have, for a number of years, thought that holding a passport is a waste of time, ever since two police women were shot, one fatally, attending a robbery at a travel agents in Bradford, Yorkshire.

Friday, 4th October 2013, 7:14 am
Muslim woman.Photo: PA

The reason being, one of the perpetrators, an illegal Somalian immigrant, fled back to Somalia using his friend’s passport, allegedly wearing his sister’s clothes, including a full face veil, in spite of the fact he had pleaded to Border Agency personnel, when interviewing him while trying to return him to his country of origin on more than one occasion, that his life was in danger and he would be killed if he was sent back. He had no fear of going back after murdering the police woman, hence me thinking holding a passport a waste of my money every time I re-new it.

MP John Reid said the Border Agency was unfit for purpose. I think he got it spot on. Also, if Judge Peter Murphy allows the 22-year-old Muslim woman accused of witness intimidation, going to trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in November, to refuse to lift her veil to the jury to confirm her identity, will she be jailed for contempt of court? If not, it will open every court in the land to be unfit for purpose to any person in future, irrespective of race, colour or religion.

Militants at Birmingham Metropolitan College have forced them to drop the ban on students wearing the Niqab and full face veil that has been in force for eight years without protest, when faced with a petition signed by 9,000, organised by Aaron Kiely, the left wing student activist best known for opposing the extradition of hate preacher Abu Hamza.

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I noticed our PM and Deputy PM skated nicely round this issue when asked for their thoughts on it and it becomes clear people like me, indigenous to this country, can no longer say anything without being accused of Islamophobia or racism. We, too, have rights,when in Rome.

Pete Gardiner