Ex Spice girl’s Xmas message from Shelter

Like so many of us, I love Christmas. Quality time with my family is precious and there’s nothing better than spending Christmas Day at home surrounded by the people you love.

It’s heart-breaking to think that this Christmas thousands of families won’t be able to enjoy the simple luxury of waking up in a safe and secure home they can call their own. In the North-West alone, my home region, a shocking 902 children will face spending Christmas homeless this year. Some will be sharing one cramped room of a hostel or B&B with their whole family, with no space to even eat their dinner, let alone have a Christmas tree.

I have been a Shelter supporter for several years now and thankfully the charity’s team of expert advisors are there every day a year to make sure no-one has to fight homelessness on their own. In the last year more than 170,000 people called the Shelter helpline for support and sadly this Christmas the charity is bracing itself for even more calls from families battling to keep a roof over their heads. Thankfully, there is a simple way to make sure anyone facing Christmas without a home this year gets the advice and support that they need.

Marks & Spencer will be donating 5% of every item sold from its Christmas Food on the Move range to Shelter. This means that by just buying your lunch from the range on the way to work, you can help support the charity’s free helpline and make sure no call goes unanswered this Christmas.

So as we celebrate the festive season, I hope everyone will remember this simple way to help Shelter be there for every family that needs them.

Melanie C

ex-Spice Girl