Everyone has a right to dignity in care

This month we celebrate Dignity Action Day, which is all about upholding people’s rights to dignity in care.
Caring for the elderly and disabledCaring for the elderly and disabled
Caring for the elderly and disabled

As the population ages, this issue has never been more important.

For instance, did your readers know an estimated 45% of adults over state pension age are affected by disability and there are an astonishing three quarters of a million carers living across the North-West alone?

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Carers are immensely devoted to their loved ones, a sentiment reflected in our own survey, which found 80% of carers put the health of their loved ones ahead of their own and a further 60% saying a lack of time away from caring leads them to feelings of depression.

That’s why, for people giving and receiving care alike, regular respite is an absolute lifeline.

I work for Revitalise, a local charity that runs the Sandpipers respite holiday centre in Southport. We provide much-needed breaks for disabled people and carers, including people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We passionately believe everybody deserves a break and the care we give to each individual we support should be as unique as they are.

We simply wouldn’t be able to continue providing a respite lifeline for disabled people and carers without the help of our amazing supporters, whose generosity enables us to turn the hope of a break into a reality.

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To find out more about our breaks - including our specialist Alzheimer’s Weeks - and for ways to support us, please visit www.revitalise.org.uk or call 0303 303 0147.

Stephanie Stone



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