Every day in the EU is April Fool’s Day

Another day in the European Union, another day of madness ... now a new law involving insurance for small powered vehicles such as lawnmowers has been revealed.

Sunday, 8th March 2015, 8:05 pm
European Parliament.(AP Photo/Patrick Hertzog, Pool)

All motor-driven vehicles, including those that never leave private land, will be required to be fully covered by insurance under the new EU rules.

This will mean owners of engine-powered lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters will have to get motor insurance, which could cost them up to £100 a year.

Never mind Groundhog Day, every day in the EU is like April Fool’s Day.

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And the fools in Brussels are making fools of us all with their ridiculous rules and restrictions.

The move follows a European Court of Justice ruling in a case about a tractor trailer involved in an accident in Slovenia.

Lancashire is full of popular golf courses and this could well mean their membership fees will be hiked up because the buggies will need insurance.

And with an ageing population there are more and more mobility scooters around and we all know how popular gardening is these days with people of all ages.

The definition of motor vehicles is so woolly it is unclear quite how wide the implications will be. The rules have even cast doubt on whether the existing Statutory Off-Road Notification scheme that allows motorists to keep uninsured vehicles parked on private property can continue.

That in itself would prove costly for those motorists, who for one reason or another, have vehicles on their private property and not used on public highways.

This is yet another example of the way in which an EU court filled with foreign judges can overturn established and democratically-enacted British law.

These judges legislate from the bench, in this case by digging up an obscure clause in a 1972 directive, to force us to change our laws to suit their philosophy of relentless interference in British law and British private property.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP and Deputy UKIP Leader