Euro rules target our cookers now

“Eurocrats” deserve a roasting over new rules targeting our cookers.


These interfering bureaucrats in Brussels are always getting me hot under the collar and they are at it again.

The new energy efficiency requirements, which will save 60p a week at most, have the potential to render traditional recipes useless.

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The EU diktat imposing power limits on all new cookers to save energy comes into force by next month, and on top of that more rules follow later in February limiting cavity size (how big the oven is) and wattage for both electric and gas ovens.

I foresee another shopping frenzy as happened when the EU energy rules affecting vacuum cleaners were revealed and only days ago regulations affecting coffee makers came into force.

People should have freedom of choice and continue to be able to buy whatever household appliance they want.

Those who are particularly energy conscious will always seek the most efficient models, but everyone should have the right to choose the appliance which is best for them.

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I don’t pretend to be a Cordon Bleu chef, but one who is has pointed out that reducing the power of ovens means those following recipes will need to modify them, meals will take longer to cook and cakes and food potentially ruined.

We seem to hear more about food poisoning these days and there must be a danger that such risks will increase, particularly if chickens are unwittingly under-cooked in lower power ovens.

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Also many people have just had their big family Christmas dinners, but with smaller capacity ovens they will prove to be a logistical nightmare in years to come.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – the only solution is to leave the EU and return common sense to our lives.

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Paul Nuttall MEP,

UKIP Deputy Leader and MEP for the North West