Don’t fill our countryside with whirling, monster windmills

It’s been a while since someone has really upset my breakfast cornflakes but this guy Jon Roche of Ripam Agri Ltd frankly takes the mickey out of all of us or he thinks he does.
Wind FarmWind Farm
Wind Farm

From a professional salesman, now retired, the first rule always is you never attack your competition. You politely point out how you would endeavour to do better. Try a sales school, Jon, they will teach you that, and you sure need some teaching.

You have done nothing but rubbish everything else, missing out the real rubbish of course – the rubbish you’re selling.

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You have no idea how fracking will work out, for example, but if they get it right, there will be jobs for the locals, energy bills will fall as they have done elsewhere, and oh yes, we won’t need silly windmills. Maybe that’s your real point.

Almost all the alternative energy points you mentioned, taking out your extreme silliness, are actually viable. They need a little thought, not hysterics.

Now take all the above and put it to one side for a moment.

We, the little people, don’t want our countryside covered in whirling monster windmills. We quite like it as it is. Now we, the little people, are usually totally ignored by Parliament. They only need us for a little while every five years or so, then they forget all about us.

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Councils can be a little like that, but in this case our council seems to be listening to the majority.

Now that’s unusual.

Normally it is the very noisy minority who get their own way, those you’re trying to rally, Jon, but they are a minority, noisy yes, but speak for nobody really.

My point is we, the little people, don’t want you, Jon.

We don’t want your contraptions, and I for one don’t like your slagging everyone off which is why I am giving you some to try. See how you like it.

The sooner Jon shoves off with his contraptions, the better.

Michael Sutcliff

Kibble Grove, Brierfield

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