Dangerous driving at Boundary Mill roundabout

On Saturday, August 23rd, I was driving from Colne to Nelson. I proceeded around the roundabout at Boundary Mill in the left-hand lane as I am legally permitted and was well within the speed limit and at no time did I feel any other vehicle was in my way or that I was hindering anyone else.

steering wheel
steering wheel

However, as I joined the motorway suddenly another car was at my right side in the right-hand lane. It then began to veer towards me as it drew level and continued to turn into my car as if trying to get into the left lane.

I alerted the other driver by blasting my horn and they scraped along the length of my car to drop back in behind me.

Luckily no one was hurt; my car was scratched down the whole of the driver’s side but I have polished it out thank goodness!

However, what is worrying is the state of this individual’s driving. Her oblivion is testament to her poor ability to continue safely.

Concerned resident