Councillors should battle to stop new homes

Although it feels like Clitheroe is under attack from proposed development which would change its character forever (leaving aside the many environmental issues), our elected councillors seem to have hoisted the white flag.

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 9:10 am
Members of the Clitheroe Residents Action Group gather outside the town hall to show their anger over the councils decision not to appeal the Planning Inspectorate's decsion.

They sit on their hands and bleat that it’s not their fault; it is the Conservative Government’s (perhaps there is a message there for all those who might consider voting Conservative at the next national and local elections?).

Could these “leaders” lead, show a little gumption and not just give up please? They tell us the planning regulations mean their hands are tied. Perhaps they could use a little imagination? How about – purely as an example – producing a whole load of “We don’t want your new houses on this green belt” posters and placards and distributing them to any Clitheroe resident who wants to display one?

We could see what the effect might be on prospective buyers who have to drive past them on the way to a show home.

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How about placing similar adverts in the property sections of local newspapers? These ideas might not be viable, but it would be good to see the councillors putting up a little bit more of a fight by using as many other avenues as they can, if they truly mean what they say about wanting to protect Clitheroe if only they could.

Tony Halliwell,

King Street, Clitheroe