Council wants to see vibrant Burnley nightlife

We are writing in response to your front page story regarding a local DJ’s views on Burnley’s nightlife.

Burnley Mechanics.
Burnley Mechanics.

We would like to stress Burnley Council wants to see a vibrant night time economy. We actively encourage investors to look at the opportunities here.

When our town centre is doing well, it brings in people who spend money with local businesses which, in turn, boosts the local economy.

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We will always work with and encourage businesses who are looking to invest in ways which meet today’s needs.

There have been changes to the nature of the local night-time economy.

The issues behind this do not just affect Burnley. The local picture is part of a national trend.

One aspect of this is that licensing legislation has changed.

The Government introduced 24-hour licensing laws and Burnley Council, like every other local authority, has to operate within those national laws.

All late licence applications are fully and properly considered by the council.

We take advice from other agencies such as the police, we consult nearby residents or businesses when appropriate and make a decision based on professional advice.

The council is pleased to work with bars and clubs who are part of the ‘Pubwatch’ approach.

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We enable businesses to be in touch with each other, and raise ideas and suggestions.

And we are optimistic Burnley will continue to change and develop, with new ways to socialise and enjoy the town centre coming in future. As this happens, there will be many positive stories for the Express to cover about things going on in the evening and night time.

Licensing team, Burnley Council