Council penalises people who have gardens

Don’t we already pay a charge for waste removal called RATES?
Green wheely binGreen wheely bin
Green wheely bin

Pendle Council, in their wisdom, decided to close the excellent Colne depot and now want to charge extra for green bin services and other bulky items. Have they looked at the increased cost in clearing up fly-tipping because of these charges? If I pay for this privilege, does that mean the council will empty my bin at my convenience, not theirs?

Most people will go back to burning their green rubbish instead of recycling; apart from an increase in pollution you then have call-outs to fire services for the odd one that gets out of control.

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I thought the green waste was recycled and sold on as compost and bark chipping and was self-financing.

Penalising people who have gardens (usually higher rate-payers) is not the way to proceed.

Tom Willan