Could you be a ‘friend’ to Abbeyfield?

Abbeyfield Burnley is a local charity which has two houses in Burnley, one of which is in St Stephen Street and the other in Harriet Street.
Abbeyfield, Harriet Street, Burnley.Abbeyfield, Harriet Street, Burnley.
Abbeyfield, Harriet Street, Burnley.

Each has 10 residents for whom the charity provides sheltered housing and meals while being happy that residents should continue to live independent lives.

Many years ago, the Friends of Burnley Abbeyfield was started but, for the last few years, has not been very active as the Executive Committee (formed from local volunteers) has been responsible for running the houses and care of residents.

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The Executive Committee would now like to see the Friends revived and is appealing to interested folk to come forward and join this group which is open to all ages. There will be no administrative or committee work and all which is asked is to talk to residents and, from time to time, arrange some social events. This is very worthwhile and rewarding as we are sure will be found.

To express an interest please ring Hilary on 01282 426921.

David Smith

Vice-chairman Abbeyfield, Burnley

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