Childhood memories of cinema trips

I lived at Gillow Street, Fulledge, 1943-54 (now demolished), attended Todmorden Road School 1947-1955 (now demolished) and the route to school was always along “t’Pentridge Bottom.” I never heard anyone in the district refer to Holmes Street, it was always “t’Pentridge Bottom.”

Film Reel
Film Reel

Mum, dad and I were frequent flyers to the Pentridge. There were shows Monday to Wednesday; new films Thursday to Saturdays and a different film on a Sunday – always sat in a circle.

At the interval, I bought a small bottle of pop at the kiosk. There was a superb display with at least six flavours to choose from. They may have been produced locally, perhaps from the premises on the corner of Oxford Road and Parliament Street.

At the end of the show, the National Anthem was played. I don’t know whether it was a legal requirement or just custom and practice but the Pentridge’s compliance was minimal.

People started to stand up. A 78 record blasted out ‘God Save Our’ and then the record played was ripped across to the final ‘God Save our King/Queen’ – all the middle omitted.

The bar of the fire escape door clanged open and we exited via the fire escape onto ‘“t’Pentridge Bottom.”

C. Fergusson