Can anyone explain meaning of ‘Gannow’?

I was interested to read the article by Roger Frost about Gannow.

The Gannow area of Burnley
The Gannow area of Burnley

I lived in the area until my early teens and often wondered the meaning of the title of “Gannow”.

One theory that came to light some years ago, when I used to go hill walking in North West Scotland was that, following a guide book of the time, I attempted to climb a peak in North-West Sutherland called Foinaven and the highest point is a top called Ganu Mor (translation Big Wedge).

Looking at the streets around St John’s Church, one can see the wedge shape of the development and I wonder if the name of Gannow is derived from this distant and very remote mountain top. Just a theory, but the name is very similar.

A. Husband

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