Burnley FC board should hang their heads in shame

Well the transfer window has closed and, yet again, Burnley Football Club sign one player at the start.
Turf Moor.Turf Moor.
Turf Moor.

Sean Dyche, through the Express, stated BFC were searching in Europe and at home to strengthen the team.

Well, as the Express will know, Burnley FC yet again has proven total disrespect for the fans and more to the point, the fans that spend their hard-earned money following Burnley.

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Sean Dyche made bids for Dorrans and Lansbury, the same Lansbury that Dyche tried to sign in September, only to be told he is not for sale. Why then wait until the last day of the transfer window to offer Forest the same money they offered in September.

It is clear to see BFC are not bothered if they get relegated. There is no ambition whatsoever. They left it until the last day to make bids for players they knew they could not get. The chairmen have stated several times Sean Dyche has money to spend. Well, clearly not. The manager has had four weeks to add new faces to try to give BFC a chance of survival. This is clearly a disgrace.

Very shortly the football club will want to sell next season’s tickets, at Premier League prices no doubt. If you want to charge Premier League prices then give us Premier League players. The point in having the January window is to help clubs strengthen their squads. Burnley has the smallest squad in the League and when the injuries kick in and the manager has to play players out of position because he has no more players to fill that position, the fans will suffer.

The Board must stop using the same lame excuse they will not spend money and put the club at risk. There is spending money and spending no money at all. Promotion gave Burnley FC approximately £120m. and you gave the manager £10m. You really should hang your heads in shame. Burnley Football Club could become an established Premier League club, if only we could get a Board together with enough guts to back the manager. When Burnley are relegated the 20,000 fans need to remember January. Also remember the gutless Board. Only you the fans can push for change.

BFC supporter