Bunker: poem by James Kavanagh (14)


Saturday, 26th October 2013, 9:47 pm

I wake in the rubble,

Memories flashing like a bolt,

Just to remember my double,

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Just to remain at a halt,

He lay dead.

Stone pierced like a sword,

He lay on his bed,

Here comes the horde,

I decide to run.

Stumbling through the town,

I find a gun,

I decide not to bow down,

Opening fire,

Closing in,

The situation is dire,

I will correct my sin,

As I just narrowly dodge,

I get attacked by a hound,

It knocking me into my lodge,

making me fall to the ground,

I duck and run,

The hound keeps trying,

I shoot my gun,

The hound is dying,

As I run into the light,

I hear friendlies chattering,

I feel bright,

Even though I took a battering.

By James Kavanagh (14)