Build homes instead of wind turbines?

The Jerusalem Farm Appeal being turned down is not “good news” for Pendle countryside. The site is ideal for wind energy and it’s a shame the Stinky Rugs business operated from Jerusalem Farm will not benefit from clean and green energy.

New wind turbines
New wind turbines

We have already anticipated the outcome for Buttock Laithe Farm and as such plans are in place. This application is opposite my house and I will see it from seven windows in my house. The turbine is not a large, industrial structure as can clearly be seen in the planning application and when compared to other turbines within East Lancashire.

I will add that house values in Haworth (Bronte country) and tourism have not been affected by the much larger turbine that overlooks the town.

Claims about scarring, spoiling and “technology that doesn’t work” are truly misleading and unfounded. If wind energy didn’t work, why on earth would anyone bother investing in them? It wouldn’t make any sense, but then neither does Mr Schofield’s letter except for his purely selfish reasons.

There are currently 101 appeals in process with the Planning Inspectorate as of February 1st which are for refused applications in Pendle. And not all for turbines it has to be said. But Pendle Borough Council look on the face of it as anti-everything, stop progress, development and want time to stand still. Coun. Ann Kerrigan has confirmed Pendle has an “industrial heritage” and as such surely we should maintain some degree of contribution to the national energy shortage and economy rather than refusing applications based on bias rather than compliance with the planning regulations.

Something else to ponder on and what no doubt Mr Schofield has an objection to is the impact of housing developments. Colne has to grow and make a contribution to maintain its identity. If the wind turbines keep getting thrown out, then why should a landowner keep working so hard when he could sell up to a property developer? Houses are for hundreds of years compared to wind turbines being there for 20 or so years. This will give us time to do the “joint thinking” while making a working contribution to landowners, local grid, local economy and local energy.

I have offered many times in the past to show people these small scale turbines and as yet not one of the “anti” brigade has made an effort to take me up on the offer. Such is their concern about these turbines, it is strange how the most vocal opposition hide away from the truth instead of at least taking a closer look!

Jon Roche

Director of Ripam Agri Ltd