British law cannot protect us from terrorists

Quite a few Burnley and Pendle residents probably went shopping in the Manchester Arndale over Easter 2009 and could have been blown to pieces had Abid Nassar’s bomb plot been successful.

Friday, 27th March 2015, 11:31 am
Screen grab from footage issued by Islamic State militants of the British extremist known by the nickname 'Jihadi John'. Photo: PA Wire

Fortunately, the police and security services managed to intercept his evil plot. Ex-Det. Supt Mark Smith stated: “I’ve always been convinced we prevented an atrocity in Manchester.”

So, after this, who protected us from future attacks by this man? A court in New York, that’s who.

Of course, this not the only case. Most famously Abu Hamza was allowed to continue his spiteful rhetoric in this country for years. Who knows how many young people he radicalised? Once again it took the American courts to lock him away.

The supine British legal system, backed up by European human rights nonsense, seems unwilling and incapable of protecting us from terrorists and we must now rely on the USA to do what is obviously required.

We need to get out of the EU and shrug off these shackles and keep our innocent citizens safe.

Graham Cannon