BNP highlighted child exploitation issue years ago

Your item “Police to tackle child exploitation”, following “Men arrested in a major child sex clampdown”, follow what is now a national media trend.
Rotherham, South Yorkshire.Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

These stories have at their root the sexual exploitation of young white school girls predominantly by adult Asian males. They all stem from the recent “show trials” of “grooming gangs” from Rotherham and Rochdale and whether on TV or in print are consistently delivered with feigned astonishment, shock and outrage that such a thing could have gone undetected for so long.

How can these perfidious purveyors of falsehood claim ignorance of this social aberration when more than a decade ago the then chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, highlighted this very scandal in a speech secretly filmed by other establishment media puppets?

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And when this material was broadcast did the police rush to investigate Mr Griffins’ allegations? Did councils and Social Services take on board the possibility such exploitation was being perpetrated under their very noses, sometimes with children in their care?

Not a bit of it! Nick Griffin was prosecuted for “inciting racial hatred” with the inference any other member of the BNP who had the temerity to press for justice in this matter would be similarly hauled before the courts.

Clearly the truth would be no defence when it came to issues that may offend the immigrant or undermine the illusion of multi-cultural Britain.

BNP party workers locally and across the North-West had been approached by desperate parents of school age daughters who had been or were being “groomed” by adult Asian males. The one commonality in all their stories was the reluctance of the establishment and its agencies to acknowledge there was any issue to investigate.

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If parents persisted with their demands for action they would be accused of racism and branded trouble makers. Worse, if in their desperation they were known to have contacted the BNP then in the eyes of the blinkered establishment lackeys their “racism” had been confirmed. Elected BNP councillors were similarly frustrated in their efforts to galvanize councils into action or persuade councillors of other parties to face this reality.

In your Tuesday article the police representative quoted refers to the “media spotlight” being on child sexual exploitation which could suggest this “initiative” is being dictated by media pressure rather than a genuine desire to right wrongs and deliver justice.

If this is indeed the case, all news agencies should consider their own culpability in this crime by allowing it to go unreported for more than 10 years.

Further in the Tuesday item Lancashire’s Police Commissioner claims the county has “an excellent record” when addressing issues of CSE and ends with “it is not something we can afford to be complacent about”.

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Really! So when did that all change? With the trend now being towards retrospective prosecutions for CSE will he now be publicly encouraging former victims and their families to come forward and present their cases to this now allegedly enlightened regime?

Perhaps it would also be a good time to offer an unreserved apology to Nick Griffin who was prosecuted for telling the truth!

John Cave

Caernarvon Avenue, Burnley