Bias against wind turbines

I write in response to the article about calls for a planning overhaul to protect Pendle’s views.

Coun. Paul White with wind turbine
Coun. Paul White with wind turbine

We do urgently need a review I agree. And any committee should be made up of impartial members taken from non-politically motivated people, local business and community groups.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that, yet again, Coun. Paul White is atop his horse and attacking the small scale wind industry and now, it appears, his neighbouring council that approves small scale wind turbines.

Such is the attack that the article clearly demonstrates his bias against wind turbines and anger that other councillors don’t share his dreadful opinion about them. He is effectively calling into question the judgement of another planning committee as he doesn’t agree with their decision. Does he seriously think Nelson “go about destroying our area”? This smacks of an unfit attitude, disrespect to other councillors and bias against wind turbine applications just because they can be seen from Colne.

What I wonder will he turn his attention too next, conservatories, highways, industrial developments, mosques and all tall structures?

It is obvious Coun. White is enraged by the decision. And having spoken to him about fracking and the 100% business rates Pendle ouncil would gain it would seem his motivation is based upon money to be paid to the council. I recall an unpleasant conversation about large scale wind and noted his increased interest when we discussed a possible financial gain for Pendle Council. And I am sure he will remember that conversation, furthermore, I would be happy to remind him of it, I think I have it on tape somewhere!

I think Coun. White should resign his seat sooner rather than later as it’s clear he has an agenda against small scale wind bringing diversification income to farms. Farmers are constantly being told to diversify. Perhaps he should start a business in the farming world so he gets a better understanding of it, instead of having a wrecking ball attitude to farm incomes.

As for protecting Pendle’s views, the small scale wind industry has no agenda to fill the hills with wind turbines for many reasons I have outlined before, it just isn’t possible.

He is however happy to see the destruction of the very foundations that the borough of Pendle sit on and approve fracking rigs so the business rates roll in and he can take the credit. But no doubt he would run a one minute mile backwards if it goes wrong and Pendle Water is poisoned!

The sooner we take away the power and risk of bias at local planning level the better for developers of any project, the community of Pendle, local business and not just the wind industry.

John Roche

Ripa Magri Ltd