Are we heading for repeat of housing crisis?

Re the article (Tuesday, October 22nd) regarding the housing development in Harle Syke.


I am afraid that building is going on in many areas of East Lancashire, regardless of existing residents’ views, be they negative or positive. For instance, there is a proposal to build 300 houses on the site of the disused Baxi boiler factory located in Wyre Street, Padiham.

There was an ill-publicised meeting held (which to me seemed a little bit vague) on October 21st, to gather residents’ views. Not many attended as far as I know.

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I did vote in favour but, with hindsight, am not in favour due to the size of development and the resulting strain on the infrastructure plus even more traffic in Padiham.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be seem to think they can build their way out of the mess the country is in but this has been tried before both here and abroad and landed us in a real mess five or six years ago. Money being lent to people who, maybe through no fault of their own, ended up not being able to pay it back and the banks were left with properties which no-one wanted or could afford. I do hope this is not a repeat of the above, not just locally but nationwide.

The report in Friday’s Express is totally at odds with what I was told in the meeting (which was not at the town hall). I was not told this was a luxury development but a mix of affordable, rented and social housing. Which statement is true?

I have also been told the land must be used for industrial purposes (is there a covenant somewhere?) I did sign in favour but I don’t think I really am, so please disregard my ‘yes’ vote.

A. Husband

Lawrence Street, Padiham