Are human poo bags the answer to toilets closure?

A few weeks ago, in response to an article about the closure of public conveniences in Colne, I stated the view of many people, particularly senior citizens, that this was an outrage.

Saturday, 5th April 2014, 7:00 am
Nelson Leader Exterior of the public toilets at Colne Bus Station - they have been closed as part of a cost-saving exercise.

Since my article was published, I have been made aware the public conveniences in the Ball Grove Leisure Park are to close. Ball Grove is a charming leisure facility on the outskirts of Colne, Trawden and Laneshaw Bridge. It boasts a private fishing lake, picnic area and children’s play area with swings, slide etc. This amenity is used by many residents from all the surrounding area. In these difficult economic times it is an ideal place for families to enjoy a pleasant afternoon without incurring cost.

Often families make the journey by Colne Water from the Waterside area. What are these people expected to do if their child expresses a need to use a toilet shortly after arrival? Will they immediately pack everything and go home? I think not. Fishermen spend a whole day by the lake and again what are they expected to do when the need arises?

Perhaps the council in it’s wisdom is going to provide human poo bags and bins the same as they do for dogs. The outcome could, and probably will be, a serious risk to health and certainly to children playing in the area.

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I am also reliably informed the public toilets in Linden Road (closed for 51 weeks of the year) are opened when it is the week end of the Rhythm and Blues Festival. I assume this is to prevent adults who have imbibed a lot of alcohol soiling the streets.

Surely a facility provided for year round enjoyment and leisure is a more worthwhile cause for maintaining a convenience facility?

Mr John Foster

Cottontree Lane, Colne