Jeremy Clarkson sacking was right

Jeremy Clarkson. Photo: Philip Toscano/PA Wire
Jeremy Clarkson. Photo: Philip Toscano/PA Wire
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So the BBC has reached an inevitable conclusion and decided not the renew the contract of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

And quite right to.

The only reason I say it is the right thing to do is that it would happen in any other walk of life.

If I thumped a colleague for putting too many sweeteners in my coffee, I would be down the road.

If you poleaxed a workplace pal in a bacon butty dispute the same would happen, so why should a high-profile television presenter already on a final warning be any different?

The BBC has made a bold decision and it could cost them millions as Top Gear is just about their most marketable product.

But it has made the right decision and should be applauded for it.

Do not for a minute think this is a rant against Clarkson.

I have been a Top Gear fan since before he, along with James May and Richard Hammond, transformed it into the watched-around-the-globe multi-award-winning entity it is now.

And it is difficult to see how the programme can survive, no matter how high the profile of any new presenters willing to take on the challenge.

I was staggered that a million people signed a petition trying to have Clarkson reinstated.

But it shows the depth of feeling among the show’s legion of fans who now, no doubt, will be turning their attention to a commercial or satellite broadcaster willing to take a punt on the Top Gear trio and give them a show on a new channel.

I have also been staggered by some of the vitriol heaped around Clarkson’s head from people who do not like the show, do not like Clarkson and do not like cars.

As a colleague succinctly put it, if you don’t like th show watch another channel. Most of us have at least 40 to go at and there must be something you could tune in to.

I don’t partiularly like ballet, for instance, but do I call for it to be banned from our screens? Of course not, I find another channel.