It's the funny, touching moments that make a wedding day memorable, not gold plated forks or a designer dress| Sue Plunkett

If someone gave you £800 what would you spend it on?

Friday, 9th April 2021, 12:30 pm
The funny little happenings on her wedding day, almost 30 years ago, are what made it memorable for reporter Sue Plunkett

Maybe clear off a credit card debt or loan, put it towards a holiday or re-decorating your home perhaps, it's even a considerable amount towards a deposit for a house?

So, what about spending it on cutlery? Yes you read that right. I said cutlery.

For that's the amount one bride I recently heard about is prepared to pay for knives and forks on her big day. And no, she is not a Kardashian either!

The fact the cutlery is gold plated is neither here or there to me. And it will probably be the same for the guests too.

Is that really what people are prepared to pay today for something so functional just because it's their wedding day?

The men will want to loosen their ties and tuck into a meal and a pint and the women will probably be itching to kick off the high heels they bought specially for the day that are killing their feet.

It made me think about my own wedding day back in the dim and distant past we call the 90s.

I think the whole shebang, including my £250 dress, came in at under £1,800 and some brides today would shell out that amount, and considerably more, just for the gown. As for the cutlery I never even gave it a thought, to be honest.

The marriage didn't last, so maybe I should have given more consideration to the knives and forks!!

And while it ended in divorce, albeit after 12 fairly happy years, I do have fond memories of the day itself, and not because of the amount spent on it.

The quirky happenings during the day are what made it memorable, including when I arrived at the church the organist was playing so enthusiastically we had to wait a full five minutes before he even noticed us.

The priest, the late Fr Michael Fraher, was waving to him like mad in a bid to get his attention, but no, he kept on playing his rendition of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes!!

And while I might have been word perfect saying my vows, I did appear to be directing them at the videographer rather than my future husband...not a good sign.

While trying to make his speech the bridegroom was continually heckled by a toddler, much to the delight and mirth of the guests, and, when the time came for the happy couple to cut the cake, the icing was that hard we ended up hacking at it and it almost toppled off the table!

And, as the 'day' do ended and the 'night' do began, parts of the evening resembled a scene from a 70s comedy show when guests on the bridegroom's side 'smuggled' in copious amounts of alcohol from an outside source.. much to the horror of my mum.

Her face was a picture when the bridegroom's uncle, an ebullient chap from Liverpool plonked a bottle of whisky, wrapped in a brown paper bag, on the table in front of her and declared in a thick scouse accent: "Get that down yer neck!"

I recently watched the video of the day for the first time in several years and I have to admit it was tough because so many dearly loved people, including my mum and dad, are no longer with us.

And while it wasn't the costliest or fanciest day, it was wonderful to see the people that meant the most to me all in one place together sharing a special time. And to me it shows that whatever you choose to spend on your wedding you can't control events on the day or how people choose to behave.

So, if you are thinking about lashing out the cost of a small house on your nuptials, maybe think again and look at the guest list to see if you have a Liverpudlian uncle!