I was a guest at my ex's wedding / Sue Plunkett

Last weekend I attended a wedding, and, along with the other guests, raised a glass to the happy couple.
Sue Plunkett with her son Robbie at his dad's weddingSue Plunkett with her son Robbie at his dad's wedding
Sue Plunkett with her son Robbie at his dad's wedding

Nothing unusual about that I know... except it was the wedding of my ex partner!!

If anyone had told me six years ago, when we separated, I would be going to his wedding I would never have believed it and, to be quite honest, it is a little bit odd.

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I could have held on to the anger and pain the split caused me but what purpose would it serve? Going through a break up is mentally and physically gruelling and it changes you as a person. I won't say it makes you tougher because it certainly didn't toughen me up. The hurt eventually goes away but remains with you always.

And you have two choices. You can either stay angry, bitter and resentful or get on with your life.

I chose the latter, to me there was no other choice. And with the help and support of some truly remarkable friends I came out the other side.

Life as a single parent is tough on all levels but you make it work because you have to and your children look to you for everything.

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I painted on a smile when I felt low and after a while that false smile became real and I like to think I have an extra closeness with my two children because of the situation we found ourselves in. We became the little 'gang of three' and while I never wanted my off spring to come from a 'broken home' that was not something I had any control over.

I did receive an invitation to the evening celebration and our son, Robbie, was a groomsman for his dad's wedding.

When Robbie asked me if I would be going I didn't know how to answer at first. That was until he said he really wanted me to be there so I said 'yes of course I will come.'

A few of my friends couldn't understand why I would want to go, even for Robbie, and I understand that completely. I must admit I did feel slightly daunted walking into the reception room but that all evaporated when I received a warm welcome from many friends I had not seen in a long time.

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I even got a hug from Robbie who looked so handsome in his suit. I felt extremely proud of him and I think he felt the same towards me.

So, it wasn't through clenched teeth that I wished the happy couple all the very best.

I genuinely meant it.