I can’t get my head round £10,000 fines for speeders

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I think my views on motorists who think they are a law unto themselves are pretty well-known by now.

It is not that I have anything against motorists, the majority of them seem to have actually learned to drive at some point.

But there are others who seem to have found their driing licences in a lucky dip or a Christmas cracker.

They are the targets of any vitriol I come up with on the subject, along with those who treat speed limits as a start ing point, not a speed to keep within.

Earlier in the year I applauded the new laws which were supposed to get rid of some truly terrible driving habits.

A big clampdown was planned on “middle lane hoggers” ... but clearly that has not come into force yet as it is still a widely used practice whenever I venture out of town on a motorway.

The same was planned for “tail-gaters” ... but as far as I can see that would now appear to have been compulsory rather than prosecutable.

And I cannot venture more than a mile from home without seeing a least one idiot making a mobile phone call while driving.

Believe it or not, that particular habit has actually been illegal for over a decade. Many local road users clearly fall into the “I don’t believe it category” and carry on regardless.

This week, however, I was staggered to find some speeding motorists could face fines of up to £10,000.

That’s right, £10,000!

If ever a law was designed to be unenforceable, it would appear to be this one.

That is a fine that could lead to some people being declared bankrupt.

As you can imagine, I don’t have a problem with motorists being dealt with harshly.

I would whole-heartedly advocate longer bans and even life bans for some of the worst offenders.

But £10,000 seems a step too far, not a step in the right direction.

Ban the drivers, yes.

Crush their cars, yes where appropriate.

But fine someone speeding on the motorway £10,000, now that is something I simply cannot get my head around.