Fare not for faint-hearted!

ANCIENT HOSTELRY: Blacko's Cross Gaits Inn, 1905. (S)
ANCIENT HOSTELRY: Blacko's Cross Gaits Inn, 1905. (S)
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A 110 year-old photograph this week as we gaze upon Blacko’s Cross Gaits Inn as it looked in the winter of 1905.

The early 18th Century pub has been known over the years as “Cross Gates”, “Cross Gaites” and by today’s title “Cross Gaits”.

It has over its almost 300 year history many notable mine hosts, with two of the best remembered both being of the fairer sex. The two renowned lady licensed victuallers being Mrs Eva Keogh during the 1940s and Mrs Marjorie Whittaker during the 1960s.

The ancient hostelry is noted for serving excellent meals, although a certain landlord during the 1920s had on his speciality food menu: pig’s trotters; jugged hare; and black tripe with, when available, peewit egg omelette! Certainly not for the faint-hearted!

I was most fortunate to be in the late Noel Wild’s company at the Cross Gaits Inn during the summer of 1977. As we both sat cosily chatting, I mentioned to Noel the inn’s legendary date stone, which has inscribed: AD 1736, “Good ale tomorrow for nothing”. Editor Noelsmiled as he said: “Nay Geoff, good ale tomorrow’s no good to me. I want good ale today for nowt!” ‘Nuff said.