Europe won’t tell me how to eat my toast

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Recent weeks have seen some madcap ideas coming out of European politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Mr Pendle is sure all of you will have read in the Press about their suggestions to limit the size of all kinds of everyday electrical goods we can buy – vacuum cleaners, kettles, hair dryers, lawn mowers and so on – in a bid to save energy.

There are, according to Pendle MEP and UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours, no fewer than 30 such items on the EU’s “hit list” that it wants to restrict to cut down on wattage – but this is not the only case where the all-interfering nose of the powers-that-be in Europe is poking into our daily lives.

Something called the European Food Safety Authority has recently dictated that toast should only be eaten when it is a light yellow colour and jacket potatoes should be ditched in favour of boiled, steamed or sautéed spuds.

This advice, which also picks on well-done chips and crisps as foods to be shunned, has been issued to highlight the dangers of the chemical acrylamide, which is formed in starchy foods cooked at high temperatures and which has been linked with an increased risk of cancer for years – in mice, but not in people.

Shouldn’t people be left to use their own loaf to decide how their toast is done?

As someone who prefers his own toast on the crispy side, Mr Pendle believes this latest diktat really takes the biscuit.