Cracker '˜gifts' beyond a joke

On Monday it will be four weeks since we were all celebrating Chistmas Day.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 2:37 pm
Updated Friday, 19th January 2018, 3:40 pm
It would appear some people got better presents from their crackers than myself

And I am disappointed to report that some people are still getting full value from the gifts in their Christmas crackers.

A tiny little notebook – much more suited to one of the Borrowers than it is to me – is all that fell out of my cracker.

But others, it would appear, were much more fortunate.

There must have been a limited edition, although not very limited from what I can see, set of crackers containing some 21st Century “Get Out Of Jail Free Cards”.

How else can so many people still think that they can drive around while chatting on their mobile telephones?

How else can so many people, as we highlight in these pages every week, think it is perfectly acceptable to indulge in a spot of fly-tipping and ruin our towns and countryside in the process?

How else can so many people simply refuse to clean up after their dogs, leaving pavements everywhere in such a dirty and hazardous state?

How else can so many motorists treat speed limits as a starting point?

I could go on, clearly.

And while some of you might think that I get paid solely to sit at my desk and whinge, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the main I am actually quite a happy and cheery chap.

In the main it actually takes a fair deal of effort to wind me up and actually get me mad.

But people who persistently flout laws and bye-laws really know how to do the job.

No one who breaks any of the laws I have highlighted would class themselves as a criminal.

And I know I have quoted examples of four of the law-breakers which wind me up no end, although your list might be somewhat different.

But why is it somehow socially acceptable to break speed limits? Why do so many people have sympathy for anyone prosecuted for using their phone while driving? Why is fly-tipping the fault of councils rather than the tippers?

No, I don’t know either!