Where America leads, we follow, with the school Prom

I still remember my school farewell bash – it was a disco complete with crisps and pop in a sports hall.
Sir John Thursby PromSir John Thursby Prom
Sir John Thursby Prom

I admit I was bought a new cheesecloth shirt, but that was the limit of my parents’ extravagance. Today’s parents face an althogether different proposition – the school prom.

Mums and dads face forking out for posh frocks, new suits and buttonholes. And as for the transport, well, nothing less than a Ferrari or antique fire engine will do.

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Yes, once again, where America leads, we follow. Still, today’s young people face a tough transition from school to further education or work so perhaps they deserve a treat more than I did...I think I still have that shirt somewhere.

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